Introducing OASIS+, the world's first premium service to build climate change-related software solutions

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Since 2019 we've been gathering unique insights into the ways software can help prepare individuals and communities deal with climate change impacts and natural disasters.

While there are many ways to build software, we believe solutions for climate change impacts are at their best when they are Open; Accelerated; in agreement with the latest Science; Insightful; and meet SMART goals and objectives.

Learn more about our OASIS methodology.

The world needs more software applications to respond to climate change impacts and disasters. To encourage adoption of the methodology, we are proud to offer our unique premium OASIS+ service.

It's a paid subscription service, that for a small monthly or annual fee grants you exclusive access behind the scenes and unlocks resources you won't find anywhere else on the web.

Features & Benefits

  • You're invited to private webinars, including: practical demos, topic deep dives, and prototype building. Gain exclusive "behind the scenes" access!
  • Premium tools, content, and services - valuable information that is not available anywhere else on the web.
  • Ask Us Anything, suggest and vote on upcoming newsletter topics, questions, and prototype ideas. Answer your questions and directly influence our future content direction.
  • Support open-source software R&D for climate change. You can feel great about helping this important work continue.

Learn how software can help respond to climate change impacts.

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