While software can’t stop global warming or prevent the glaciers from melting, it can do an enormous amount to help us prepare, collaborate, adapt, and respond to climate change impacts, risks, and problems.

But building climate change-related applications isn't like normal software development.

We know, because we’ve been researching its unique opportunities and challenges since 2019.

Deploy Solutions is a Canadian company that connects Earth Observation data with downstream business needs. We combine unusual expertise and technology.

In addition to designing and building geospatial software solutions using data from Earth and Space, we conduct climate change-related software research & development.


We’re proud to introduce a flexible new service to share our unique research, insights, expertise and technology with you:

OASIS: Software Solutions for Climate Change Problems

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Developing a new climate change-related product or service?

We can help you design, build, and deploy software prototypes and applications. We use our unique software methodology and factory technology to reduce your project's cost, duration, effort, and risk. We offer Discovery and Design, Prototyping, and Rapid Application Development (RAD) services that benefit you each step of the way.


Want to showcase your data, product or service at events and customer demos?

We can create interactive prototypes and demo solutions that present your climate change-related data, product, or service in the best possible light. Host the showcase in your own environment for full control, or let us handle it. Why just talk about your value proposition when your audience can see for themselves!
A great way to impress when exploring a new industry, customer prospect, or international market.

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Looking for on-demand software research, project, and development support?

We provide high impact, high value enterprise consulting, delivered virtually and on a flexible schedule. Pay as you go for small irregular workshops, or setup a monthly range of hours to ensure your project has ongoing support. Benefit from our deep technical expertise and unique climate change R&D. We can leverage our partner network to get you whatever expert help you need, when you need it!

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We'll tailor the service to fit your precise climate change project-related goals, objectives, and constraints. Whatever your climate change-related software need is, we can help. Email us and start the conversation!